Les tapis, bons pour vos pieds

Rugs, good for your feet

A Swedish study on carpets

As April is known as Foot Health Month, a recent Swedish study has caused quite a stir. It states that mats are ergonomically beneficial for your feet.


 Working while standing

When working as a salesperson, it is possible to spend 8 to 9 hours on your feet and that only makes us envy our couch. Some are luckier than others because they are lucky enough to be standing on a mat all day. It makes a big difference to the feet, ankles, knees and back.

The Swedish study was initiated by occupational safety and health on posting of workers. They concluded that carpets in workplaces were better for your feet and that they prevent injuries better than a bare floor.

The study was based on a report from a machining company that reported employee injuries and uncomfortable feeling on a bare floor. The employees had discomfort in their feet, knees, hips and lower back. According to the report, the employees' pain was caused by ergonomic issues due to the floor covering in the building.

The Swedish study looked at the difference in absorption between different floor coverings and the findings make sense. Softer covers supported the feet better, which prevents joint and back pain experienced by factory workers.


Work on rugs!

Ingvar Dekmer, the researcher in charge of the project states that "the clinical study shows that the change from hard to soft overlay resulted in greatly reduce sore feet. »

Carpeted floors therefore have a big advantage over parts of the body that absorb shocks. Carpets reduce the ailments created by long hours on your feet and this is important for the quality of life of employees. If the ills of employees can be reduced, simply by placing carpet on the floor, Why not do it ?