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The maintenance of a carpet is essential in order to increase its longevity over the years. The maintenance process differs slightly depending on the fiber, so it is important to know how to take care of your carpet according to your needs. We therefore offer you a maintenance guide to help you keep it!

General care of a carpet

Regular vacuuming (about once a week) is the most effective way to keep a carpet well. However, it is important to use a suitable vacuum head so as not to damage the fibers.
We recommend dry cleaning about once a year to help your carpet maintain its appearance.
In the event of a spill, use our recommended stain remover and follow the instructions in the section: How do I remove a stain?


Tips & Tricks

Did you know that your type of vacuum cleaner head can be directly related to the premature wear and tear of your carpet fibers?

Indeed, brush or roller heads are very harmful in the long term because they create too much friction, which damages the fibers in depth. We recommend a completely flat and smooth vacuum head, especially for wool rugs.

Which product to use?

The cleaning products offered are those that we recommend following numerous tests in store. However, it is always recommended to test part of the carpet before cleaning to ensure that no discoloration occurs.

1) To remove stains:

Wool and synthetic fiber rugs: Roto-Static professional stain remover

Natural fiber rugs (Sisal, sea hay): Sisal-Care stain remover

It is especially important to use the correct technique when using stain removers. (See the video below)

2) To eliminate odors

Loona All Purpose Odor Eliminator

Very useful for neutralizing odors from animals, urine, smoke, etc.

3) To clean and refresh the carpet 

Duo-P dry cleaning powder

Economical and easy way to do a deep cleaning of the carpet to remove dust residues and thus enhance the look of the carpet! 

4) To vacuum

Combined vacuum cleaner head (smooth / brush) for carpets and floors

It is very important to have a smooth sweeper head so as not to damage the fibers of your carpet, especially for wool. 

When to do a big cleaning

A thorough cleaning by a professional is recommended when your carpet shows signs of excess dirt or in the event of stubborn stains.

It is important not to send your carpet to the cleaner too regularly because the cleaning process decreases the life slightly with each cleaning! With proper maintenance, it may take a few years before you need to resort to this option.


How to remove a stain?

Here is a video demonstrating how to clean a red wine stain from a wool rug. The same technique is valid for all other fibers.

The important points are:

  • The faster you act, the less likely the stain is to appear.
  • First dilute the product to 50% with water to be sure not to discolor the carpet. If that's not enough, increase your concentration.
  • Use a white cloth for cleaning.
  • DO NOT RUB !! It is necessary to sponge so as not to damage the fiber.
  • Do not apply too much stain remover to avoid soaking the carpet




Instructions :

  1. Use a white cloth to absorb the excess liquid. The faster you respond, the better.
  2. Sponge by patting the cloth on the carpet. It is very important not to rub because the friction will damage the fiber.
  3. When most of the liquid is absorbed, spray the stain remover on the stain, being careful not to soak the carpet.
  4. Wait about 2 to 5 minutes, then blot again by tapping to absorb the excess stain remover.
  5. Let it dry and repeat the process if the stain persists.


Instructions for machine washable rugs (Jackie & the Fish)

Important points :

  • Must be folded to protect the edges (see video)
  • Must be cleaned with cold water (30° C max.)
  • Delicate wash cycle (800 RPM max.)
  • 60 minutes maximum in the washer
  • Mild detergent only