Nettoyage de tapis orientaux

Oriental carpet cleaning

How to clean an oriental rug?

As the name suggests, oriental rugs are handmade rugs that come from eastern countries. They offer a very interesting design and are generally very colorful. They are made of natural fibers which are soft and very comfortable. They repel dust while adding beauty and cleanliness to the room they decorate.

Despite the fact that oriental rugs are very popular, they are rather hard to maintain. Most new owners of oriental rugs will need the help of a professional cleaner. These rugs are made from natural fibers which are more brittle than man-made fibers. Therefore, it is contraindicated to use strong detergents for cleaning them.

For home cleaning, it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from your oriental rug. To ensure that the vacuum cleaner does not break the delicate fibers of the carpet, it is important to use a vacuum cleaner that is not too powerful, so as not to pull and break the fibers. If you find a stain on your oriental rug, it is best to consult a professional carpet cleaner in your area. A clumsy attempt at a stain can make it permanent. The watchword is thoroughness and patience with this kind of carpet.