Quel tapis choisir selon la pièce?

Which carpet to choose according to the room?

Define the dimensions of your space

Open plan spaces can sometimes give the impression that your furniture is floating in a vacuum. A well-ordered and well-positioned area rug can help define your space and anchor your furniture in the room. It is possible to create a beautiful cohesion by choosing rugs that complement your furniture and accessories. Designers always recommend starting your decoration with the choice of a rug. From its design, you can then choose the colors of your walls and find throws, cushions and paintings to complement the decor.

Meals in style

The soft texture of a rug can complement the lines of a dining table well, creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere to fuel conversations and make your dining experience a calming experience. A well-placed rug in a kitchen is a huge asset to your ambiance and comfort. Match the shape of your rug in relation to your kitchen table, if it is circular, opt for a circular rug and similarly for a square or rectangular table. A thicker material will also protect your feet from the cold of your ceramic tiles.

The dimensions of a restful bedroom

A wool rug adds texture and warmth to a bedroom. Allowing you to join morphea in comfort and style. Create a perimeter around 2/3 of your bed with a solid colored rug, or place small strips around the sides of the bed. Choose rugs with a deep plush wrap to create a warm, comfortable lift.